Fan Who LeBron Had Tossed Out of Game Allegedly Said Horrific Comment About Bronny James

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People are fully convinced that LeBron James had something to do with Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Rams following a post on Twitter

Plenty of drama in Lakerland.

During the Lakers Pacers game last night, LeBron James called an official and had two Pacers fans ejected for heckling him during the game. Apparently the fans crossed the line.

After the game, LeBron didn’t get into specifics but said that obscene words and gestures should not be tolerated, and that is why he requested their ejection. And if reports are to be believed, LeBron had every right to be upset.

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One fan claiming to be at the game said that the female fan made incredibly disgusting comments about LeBron James’ son Bronny, saying that she wished he died in a car crash, whereas the male fan was also making lewd gestures at LeBron James.

See below:

Fans reacted to the alleged comments directed at LeBron:

Not only that, fans have been heckling Bronny at his recent games too.

Some fans at a Sierra Canyon game brought a flag of China with a LeBron crying meme plastered on it to get under Bronny’s skin, another instance of taking things too far.

The hate for LeBron is comical at times, but when you start spouting off craziness like those two fans allegedly did, it’s no longer funny.

It’s just sad.

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