Fans Keep Track of How Many Times Skip Bayless Mentions LeBron Compared to LeBron’s Wife

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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James wrote a lengthy letter to his wife, Savannah James, not their eight anniversary on Tuesday morning

LeBron James is arguably one of the greatest players ever to have played the game of basketball. But don’t tell that to Skip Bayless. The Fox Sports talking head has built an entire career around bashing LeBron James. He seems completely obsessed with LeBron, and at times, creates LeBron content out of thin air. In a recent appearance on Undisputed, Skip clarified that he doesn’t hate LeBron James, and explained why his criticisms of the 36-year-old are so rampant.

“I do think LeBron is a nice guy. In fact, I hate the perception that I hate LeBron James. Nothing galls me more than that perception. Because I do not hate LeBron. I do think he’s one of the nicest guys in sports history.”

Bayless went on to explain that he criticizes the 36-year-old as he prefers Jordan as the true G.O.A.T.“

“And yet, that’s the start of my problem with him because every day on Undisputed I have to defend my guy, the true GOAT, Michael Jordan against LeBron.

“Because I sit across from a guy, Shannon Sharpe, who believes heart and soul that LeBron is the goat the greatest of all time. And that’s just blasphemy.”

Skip still talks about LeBron a ton, even during the NBA offseason.

Fans have been keeping tabs on how many times LeBron’s name comes out his mouth compared to that of LeBron’s wife.

Check out the tally below:

Skip knows how he makes his money.

Check out some of Skip’s LeBron posts below:

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