Fan’s Sign At Tour De France Causes Ridiculous Pile Up

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On Saturday at Stage 1 of the famous Tour de France cycling race, a fan accidentally struck a rider with a sign sending dozens of riders to the ground.

The fan was holding up a sign that read “Allez Opi-Omi” and was clearly trying to make sure they got their sign on camera. Unfortunately for the riders, the sign caught rider Tony Martin and snowballed dozens of other riders in the accident.

You can watch the whole event bellow:

A few of the leaders were able to get away from the pile-up but the race pretty much came to a standstill as many riders tumbled to the ground.

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It’s truly unbelievable that some people truly have no spatial sense when it comes to their actions. I am baffled how things like this happen in world-class sporting events. It’s almost like someone jumping on to the court to block a LeBron James lay-up.

It’s obviously hard to be able to monitor the length of the race course, but the fact that someone can essentially stand on the track and wipe out half of the pack with one misplaced sign is still wild.

Julian Alaphilippe, who was involved in the pile-up, was able to come back to win the first stage of the Tour de France.

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