Did Floyd Mayweather Hold Up Logan Paul To Avoid A Knockout?

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Fans are calling the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul fight rigged after video shows Mayweather holding Paul up from a potential knockout

The Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather spectacle was wholly uneventful on Sunday night. But new video on Monday morning shows that we may have had a knockout\, if it weren’t for Mayweather holding up Paul during the latter rounds of the fight.

In the midst of all the hugging and nonsense from Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, it sure looked like Floyd held up Paul when he was about to hit the ground.

The Fumble released a video that has lead to massive speculation from fans everywhere that this fight was staged to go the distance.

Check it out:

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Barstool Sports was also critical of how it appeared that Logan Paul was aided by Floyd Mayweather during the fight.

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After all the TV revenue deals are said and done, it has been reported that Floyd Mayweather could take away over $100 million from the stunt of fighting Logan Paul.

Watching the fight, it was clear that this whole thing was always about money, and Mayweather was not in pristine shape prior to the exhibition.

Now, it’s looking like the publicity stunt could have also been staged. Needless to say, Floyd Mayweather will be laughing all the way to the bank no matter what.

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