Floyd Mayweather Spends $1 Million On New Cars Ahead Of Logan Paul Fight

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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul cars Money May

There’s no doubt you have heard all the angles regarding Sunday’s boxing fight between all-time great Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber-turned-tough-guy Logan Paul. But what you might’ve missed is the latest investments of ‘Money May’ himself.

Floyd Mayweather Drops $1 Million On New Rides

It’s no secret that when you take care of your friends, they’ll take care of you. Well, Floyd Mayweather has certainly taken care of his inner circle when it comes to what they drive.

TMZ Sports was the first to report that Mayweather recently dropped roughly $1 million on a total of NINE new cars.

Now THAT is what we call a haul, folks!

As part of the purchase, Floyd Mayweather even ordered a brand new 2021 Rolls-Royce White Ghost for himself. Add that ride to a fleet of nearly 100 total cars that the undefeated boxer already calls his own.

Also included in this latest automobile splurge according to TMZ Sports were the following:

  • 2021 Mercedes S560
  • 2021 Maybach Sedan
  • Two 2021 Dodge Chargers
  • 2021 Dodge Journey
  • Three 2021 Dodge Challengers

Floyd Mayweather also reportedly added a second Rolls-Royce Ghost to the order.

Now, to us lay people, $1 million is but a pipe dream. To Mayweather, it’s really no sweat.

Considering the fact that ‘Money May’ has said publicly that he expected to make at least $100 million from his fight against Logan Paul this weekend, he really only spent one one-hundredth of his upcoming payday.

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And then there’s Paul, who, along with brother Jake, are perhaps the best two people at cashing in on fame outside of Floyd Mayweather himself.

Put it that way and it looks like he’s just happy to be here.

Who knows what ridiculous charades are in store for fight viewers on Sunday night. But win or lose, at least we know Mayweather will have a stylish ride home.

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