Former Teammate Speaks On All The Tension On The LeBron, Kyrie Cavaliers Team

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LeBron James and Kyrie Irving accomplished a lot during their time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. When Kyrie was still a young point guard in Cleveland, LeBron cam back home and brought a championship back to “the land”.

There was also a bunch of controversy during their time together. Kyrie had a hard time playing a second fiddle to LeBron–who probably didn’t handle the whole situation so well himself.

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Larry Sanders was a part of that team, and he said that the locker room problems extended well beyond just the Kyrie and LeBron egos.

“The team had so many issues. There were a lot of internal issues, Sanders told Forbes. “We didn’t know if LeBron and Kyrie Irving were leaving. They had the scuffle on the bench between LeBron and Tristan Thompson. There was a lot of stuff going on internally. I remember being in the midst of it and I’m like the seventh, eighth or ninth project they have. I don’t think they knew what to do with anybody.”

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While the Cavs may have had their fair share of issues, they also enjoyed a lot of success. From 2014-2018, the Cavs made the NBA Finals every single year, including the year they beat the Warriors in 2016.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving never could have co-existed on the same team for the long-term at that time. But boy was it fun to watch when they were on the court together. Maybe they can bury the hatchet, and become teammates again someday? In this day-in-age’s NBA….anything is possible.

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