Here’s Why Celina Powell’s Podcast Got Cancelled After Odell Beckham Jr Episode

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The No Jumper podcast is a huge hit. There was a few episodes that really moved the needle. One where Celina Powell talked about having relations with half of the Phoenix Suns team. Then there was one where Odell Beckham Jr. was called out for having a poop fetish. Both podcasts went viral, and ratings for the podcast went through the roof. That ultimately led to some backlash, and the creator of the podcast was forced to get rid of Celina Powell.

Below are the controversial videos:

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In an interview with Uninterrupted, Odell addressed the rumors head-on, saying, “I’ma be honest: out of every rumor, situation, all the bullshit I’ve dealt with in my career, this was the funniest shit.”

Now we’re learning why Celina ultimately got the axe.

Via Youtube:

 Adam22 explained why he discontinued the “Thots Next Door” podcast with Celina Powell and her friend Aliza. Adam detailed his history with Celina before explaining she brought Aliza on after she ran out of her own stories to tell. He said he decided to give the women their own podcast but underestimated the negative attention the entire platform would get as a result. While Aliza’s stories about Trey Songz and the Phoenix Suns weren’t met with much backlash, Slim Danger’s Odell Beckham Jr. story caused No Jumper to be accused of setting up a platform for women to destroy Black men. After explaining his decision to discontinue the podcast, DJ Vlad also gave his reason for discontinuing interviews with similar people.

Both those interviews were unbelievable for content, but there’s just really no way to sustain that kind of debauchery on a weekly basis.

Athletes around the world are much safer as a result.

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