Michigan Big Man Hunter Dickinson Starts War With Illinois, Calls Fans ‘Annoying’

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Michigan Wolverines big man Hunter Dickinson ignites a war with the Illinois fan base on Thursday, calling them 'annoying' during Media Day

Michigan Wolverines big man Hunter Dickinson is adding a spark to a rivalry with the college basketball season around the corner.

During media day on Thursday, Dickinson took the mic to call out one program in specific: Illinois.

Michigan won the Big Ten Title last season over Illinois during the unique COVID season. And Hinter Dickinson has had enough of the fan base talking smack all the time.

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Illinois fans started coming at Hunter Dickinson, Michigan, and the Big Ten because they believed they deserved at least a share of the title due to the fact that Michigan played in less games because their program was ravaged with COVID.

Hunter Dickinson’s Wolverines and Illinois are expected to be fighting near the top of the Big Ten yet again in 2021-22.

If Dickinson thinks Illinois fans were annoying before they were allowed into the stadium, he’s in for a rather rude awakening next season.

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