Instagram Model Who Put Dwayne Haskins on Blast Explains Herself in Exclusive Interview

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins has had a really really bad last few weeks. Following his fiancé’s arrest for allegedly punching him in the face earlier this week, it appears that Haskins is now in a financial dispute with an Instagram model. The model claims Haskins asked her to pay him 20k.

Here’s the screenshots from Haskins:

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The model in question is Vanessa Chantal, who is an accomplished model starring in many music videos alongside rappers such as Moneybagg yo, Rick Ross, TI, Gucci mane, j Cole, Birdman, big boy, lucci, and many more. We spoke with Chantal following her putting Haskins on blast, and learned a little more about exactly what went down.

Here’s our conversation below:

Sideaction: Hey what was the 20k with Haskins about?

Vanessa: I’m hesitant to talk to u guys because I want to be shown in a positive light, and many gossip blogs are portraying me as a prostitute, and obviously that’s not the case.

Sideaction: Totally understand. If you want to share I’ll be more than happy to pass along the real story without making you look bad.

Vanessa: He didn’t cheat on his wife with me. Haskins and I talked over a year ago and now he suddenly wants money back for trips, Chanel, etc. The altercation they had didn’t have anything to do with me. In fact I wish them the best! It was just a very bizarre request and very troubling for me that he would think this request would be approved.

Sideaction: So obviously you guys were more than friends, right?

Vanessa: Yes but we were never officially dating. In my opinion I would call it just friends

Sideaction: So why did he all of a sudden ask you for the money back? And was it a loan??

Vanessa: Hell Na hahaha all of those were gifts. I honestly can’t call it. How you  gonna loan me a Chanel purse?

Sideaction: Yea exactly. Just strange he wanted that cash back from you? Why do you think he asked for it?

Vanessa: He seems to be having a lot going on. I honestly don’t know. He was a nice guy when I was seeing him tbh.

Sideaction: Terrible timing for him to drop you a note lol

Vanessa:  I was Thunderstruck. No bad feelings towards him, I hope he gets it together for the season.

Sideaction: Okay appreciate the info, thanks for the interview.

Vanessa: I appreciate yall! Let’s make something positive out of this!

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Want to thank Vanessa for taking the time to speak with us. It’s always great when someone can set the record straight.

Haskins should stay off social media for a bit.

Check out more of the very beautiful Vanessa below:

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