Jake Paul’s Girlfriend Challenged Tommy Fury’s Girlfriend to Wrestle in the Mud

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Birds of a feather…

Here’s an idea for the perfect undercard fight, mud wrestling.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s fight is all set, it will take place in December in Florida. Now that the prefight hype has began, some of their loved ones might want in on the action.

Jake Paul’s girlfriend and World Series flasher, Julia Rose, want a piece of Tommy Fury’s girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague.

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Rose took to Social Media to challenge Fury’s girlfriend to a wrestling match, in mud.

Via TMZ Sports:

“I tried having a bet,” Rose told us while out in Vegas. “She didn’t respond. Molly’s not too confident in her man.”

“Molly, let’s make a bet. How confident are you in Tommy? Let’s see.”

Rose says the bet doesn’t have to be like Jake’s bet with Tommy — which would force Fury to legally change his name to “Tommy Fumbles” for a year if he loses — but makes it clear she’s down to get something set in stone before the big event.

As for whether she’d take her beef into the ring with Molly-Mae … Rose has an even better idea — “We could mud wrestle.”

When you’re the girlfriend of Jake Paul, you probably crave attention more than oxygen, so this is right on brand for Rose.

Will the fight happen? No chance but if it did I bet you people would really get a kick out if it. Mud wrestling is a sport that really needs to be revived.

Check out more of Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose below:

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