Jay Bilas Rips Jim Boeheim For His Take On Jalen Johnson Leaving Duke

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Duke freshman Jalen Johnson has created quite the buzz after he announced his decision to opt out for the remainder of the season. With Duke looking like a bust, Johnson (a projected lottery pick in the upcoming draft) found it best to focus on his future.

Instead of letting the kid make his own decisions, many have been quick to judge Johnson for his decision to opt out so late in the season. Add Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim to the list of critics.

“That guy was hurting them so they actually are much better now without him. He was just doing some things and keeping other people from playing that are good. They’ve had two monster wins since he’s opted out and they’re playing good basketball. They’ve got very good talent. You knew they were going to play out of this thing and now they’re playing well. Every game we play is a very difficult game, a great challenge and we look forward to it,” Boeheim said of Jalen Johnson’s opt out.

Jay Bilas was quick to defend Jalen Johnson against Jim Boeheim.

“Jalen Johnson does not have a “camp,” “people in his ear,” or a “posse,” Bilas said on “Bald Men On Campus”. “He has a family. He has a mother and father helping him, with his best interests in mind, making decisions. We can differ with the decision, but the undertones of the criticism of Johnson are concerning.”

Sideaction’s Latest:

I’m with Jay Bilas on this one. We don’t need old man Jim Boeheim chiming in on a young man’s decision. Sometimes it’s best for an “old school” guy like Boeheim to just keep his mouth shut.

Best of luck to Jalen Johnson on whatever the future holds.

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