Joe Buck Was Trending After Taking A Shot At Peyton Manning During An Appearance On Monday Night Football

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Fox broadcaster Joe Buck was trending during his appearance on the Manning brothers' MNF broadcast after making a joke at Peyton Manning's expense

Joe Buck isn’t necessarily known for his sense of humor. But during an appearance with Eli and Peyton Manning on their alternate MNF broadcast, Buck didn’t hold back.

The Manning brothers were going through their normal routine of asking questions when Peyton asked if he ever wished their was a guest in the booth with him and Troy Aikman during their Fox broadcasts.

Immediately, Joe Bucked quipped that he wished he had a guest when Peyton Manning was playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl – when Seattle dominated the game from the jump.

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Fans reacted to seeing the funny side of Joe Buck.

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Peyton Manning handled the joke from Joe Buck well. And Eli was clearly loving it, so it doesn’t appear that any bad blood started.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I wish we got to see this side of Buck a little bit more.

The broadcaster normally catches a lot of flak for his buttoned-up approach to the call, and the majority of fans always seem to have a distaste for how he calls a game.

But credit where it’s due – Joe Buck killed his appearance on Monday night.

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