Joe Horn Calls Out Media For Over-Covering Aaron Rodgers While His Son Was Being Drafted

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Yesterday was the biggest day in a lot of football players’ life… the NFL Draft. The day many prospects’ lives change forever, and they know they will get paid copious amounts of money to do what they love for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately for the players drafted, a lot of their limelight was taken by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers–who reportedly told his organization that he will not be returning to the team under any circumstance.

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One of the draft picks who felt slighted by the lack of coverage was Joe Horn’s son, Jaycee Horn. Jaycee was drafted eighth overall by the Carolina Panthers. Joe Horn was upset that his son wasn’t covered more due to Aaron Rodgers dominating the news.

“Let me say this, I’m a huge Aaron Rodgers fan,” Horn told ESPN. “But last night when I saw that he was not happy with Green Bay … when I saw nothing at all was talked about my son, it kind of upset me, and I was disappointed.

“To wake up this morning, I was expecting everybody to be saying, ‘Look, nobody thought Jaycee Horn was going to go top 10. Nobody expected he was going to be the first defensive player off the board.’ I thought it would be given a little more attention, and there was none. It was very disappointing as a father.”

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Joe Horn would go on to say that he didn’t let his son know he was upset, and that the day was still enjoyable for everyone involved.

“I never let my emotions take over my thoughts, but this morning after all that time, the fatherly instinct, love, came out of me,” Horn said by phone as he drove to Charlotte to see his son officially introduced. “I’m just very happy he’s happy with the Panthers.”

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