NHL Refuses To Pay For Counseling/Therapy For “John Doe 2” From The Brad Aldrich Investigation

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The NHL and Gary Bettman are under fire after "John Doe 2" from the Brad Aldrich investigation has been refused help from the league

The troubling story involving former Blackhawks video coach Brad Aldrich continues to get worse.

After an investigation into a sexual assault cover up led to an array of firings from Blackhawks current and former employees, former player Kyle Beach revealed himself as “John Doe” from the investigation.But now, “John Doe 2” (who remains anonymous) is creating headlines.

According to the former hockey player’s family, the NHL has refused to pay for counseling and/or therapy following the indiscretions of Brad Aldrich – saying that the matter needs to be handled by the Blackhawks.

Aldrich was found guilty of sexually assaulting “John Doe 2” during his time as a high school coach in Houghton, Mich.

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“John Doe 2’s” mother spoke out against the NHL, specifically calling out Gary Bettman over his refusal to help the family out during this time.

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Gary Bettman’s reasoning for not providing assistance for “John Doe 2” (who can’t afford health insurance) is that he needs to gather more information.

But the NHL is a multi-Billion dollar enterprise. And handing out some assistance would appear to be an easy decision.

Hopefully either the Blackhawks or the NHL step up to ensure that John Doe 2 in taken care of.

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