John Madden Thinks NFL Teams Should Hire “Madden” Players

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John Madden was a Super Bowl winning coach, and one of the most entertaining color commentators in the announcing booth. In case you avoided video games for the last 30 years, he also has the most popular sports title of all time, the monumental “Madden Football” – just “Madden” after a point in the franchise’s history – (insert year and jinxed cover player name of your choice). While we haven’t heard much from the legendary football guy in a while, when he speaks, people should listen.

Madden has a novel idea for NFL teams, hire “Madden” players.

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In an interview with ESPN’s Michael Rothstein, Hall of Fame coach John Madden suggested that teams could use his extremely popular video game series to prepare for opponents.

“I would have a couple of young guys that are good, good Madden players, and hire them and put them on my staff,” Madden said. “And each week I would have them play our opponent. If the Raiders are playing Kansas City, I’d have one of them be the Raiders and one of them be Kansas City. And then I would run our players against their defenses and their defenses against our players. And I’d have them just check that out and then write up — this was good, this was bad, had trouble here and trouble there. I don’t know how much I would use it, but that’s what I would do.”

John Madden hasn’t broadcast an NFL game in over a decade, but his name still remains synonymous with pro football.

Maybe Madden knows what he’s talking about? Why not think outside the box. Some of these teams could clearly do worse than handing the reins to someone with thousands of simulated football games under their belt in years of Madden Football iterations.

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