Josh Allen Has Strong Opinions On The COVID Vaccine

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Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen isn’t sure if he’ll take the COVID-19 vaccine yet. He also doesn’t want to be told that he has to do so. Allen recently shared his views on the COVID vaccine with reporters.

“I’m still debating that. I’m a big statistics and logical guy,” Allen said, via “So if statistics show it’s the right thing for me to do, I’d do it. Again I’d lean the other way too if that’s what it said.”

He continued: “I haven’t been paying attention to it as much as maybe I should have. I’ve just been doing my thing and masking up when I’m going out and just staying close and hanging around family.”

The league recently released a memo saying that players will not be required to get the shot, but those that do will see a relaxation in mask and social distancing rules.

Josh Allen said that it would be unconstitutional to tell people that they have to take the vaccine.

“I think everybody should have that choice to do it or not to do it,” he said. “You get in this tricky situation now where if you do mandate that that’s kind of going against what our constitution says and the freedom to kind of express yourself one way or the other. I think we’re in a time where that’s getting a lot harder to do. Everybody should have that choice.”

He added: “Whether you think you should do it or you shouldn’t do it, it’s your own beliefs. If you want to do to it to protect you and your family, do it by all means. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum too, I think you should have that choice as well.”

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Outspoken Instagram model and Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer’s wife, Rachel Bush, has taken to social media to share her conservative views of the vaccine, while supporting Josh Allen.

I’m gonna side with the scientists over Josh Allen and Rachel Bush on this one. If they don’t want to take the shot, that is their right, though.

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