Josh Jacobs Responds to Rumors He Has Eight Kids With Eight Different Women

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Josh Jacobs is responding to rumors.

The sports world has seen its fair share of incredible athletes with incredible fertility.

Who could forget the sexual exploits of Antonio Cromartie, The former NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie is a living legend for being a great football player, but more importantly being a father to 14 children with 8 different mothers. He even had four more kids after he had a vasectomy, according to Fatherly.

Josh Jacobs has now entered the conversation. According to an unconfirmed report,  the Las Vegas Raiders running back has several children as well.

Via WAGS Unfiltered IG:

“Josh Jacobs is one of our mascots. It’s an unwritten rule over here. So allegedly, Josh has eight kids with eight different women. We’ve reported before on his three kids that we were aware of, but there’s more. We reached out to Josh to get some answers, but no response. So we did a little of our own digging and found his basketball roster, I mean baby mothers.

Now, these aren’t in any specific order, but allegedly these are the mothers of his kids. @jusfreeyurmind @taylorsemone @dess.tanii @allienyx @ogchelsss @summerrxo @hausofsunshinne (who I’m assuming deleted her page) and Janee, who doesn’t have an Instagram, but she has his first child Braxton. So if I counted correctly, that’s 8. JOSH, IS IT AGAINST YOUR RELIGION TO PULL OUT? We need to have a sit-down.

ON TOP OF THE 8, a baby is allegedly on the way. So at this point, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that Josh was trying to compete with Future, and he is now winning the race. CONGRATS JOSH, but have your people call my people because the tea is overflowing, and I can only hold this stuff in for so long.”

Last time we checked in on Jacobs, he was dating just one woman.

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Here are some of the alleged baby mamas below via BSO:

Jacobs is having a pretty good year, he’s producing good numbers. But this kind of production is off the charts…

Jacobs caught wind of the story and responded:

Sounds like Jacobs has had enough.

The IG Account who posted the story has since deleted it, so it sounds like Jacobs is seriously not amused.

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