Justin Bieber Wants To See Jake Paul Fight Who!?

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Whenever a pop icon speaks up, the world tends to listen. Justin Bieber, who recently performed at Jake Paul’s Triller Fight Club, where Paul knocked out former UFC fighter Ben Askren, is suggesting Evander Kane as the next step up for Jake Paul.

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Evander Kane is a professional hockey player for the San Jose Sharks and is known for his on-ice antics and fights. While he is presumably in the gym because of his career as an NHL player, it seems as though he has some boxing mixed in to his work outs.

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The Paul brothers, Jake and Logan, have been making their way in the boxing world with Logan set up to fight Floyd Mayweather on June 6th. This is no doubt a massive step up in competition for either brother, but it will also be a massive pay day, presumably, for both.

Since knocking out Ben Askren, more boxers and athletes have thrown their hat in the ring to fight Jake Paul. The situation seems to be playing out exactly the way the brothers could have ever wanted. They continue to win, they continue to be called out, by bigger and bigger names, and their bank accounts keep skyrocketing with sales and endorsements.

Jake Paul has social beef with everyone it seems. He was recently jumping around headlines after stealing Floyd Mayweather’s hat at his brother’s press conference. His antics may be super childish and laughable, but he’s getting exactly what he wants; the spotlight.

Until Jake Paul is knocked out he will continue his shenanigans. Can you blame him? His life has played out on YouTube and every one has gotten a front-row seat to watch.

Honestly, I would prefer to see Jake Paul take on an actual ranked boxer in his own weight class. Someone who isn’t just coming in for a pay day before they ride off in to the sunset like Nate Robinson or Ben Askren. Someone who has actually trained their whole life to be special in the ring. You have to wonder if Kane is even allowed to box professionally in his NHL contract. Like I said earlier, until the Paul brothers are knocked out, expect to see their names flying around headlines for the foreseeable future.

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