KC Bar Backs Off Jackson Mahomes After Initially Trolling Him Over Negative Review

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A Kansas City bar sent a follow up after initially slamming Jackson Mahomes for calling out their establishment in a social media post

Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson Mahomes, was back in the news for all the wrong reasons on Thursday.

After taking to social media to call out SoT, a cocktail bar in Kansas City, the bar fired back in a savage way.

“We are sorry that we set boundaries that you tried to ignore. Often times people with un-earned status and a sense of entitlement think they are above the rules and will lash out at the employee enforcing them.

We are sorry we could not seat your very large group. As you probably saw, our bar is very small,” the bar said in a statement.

While Jackson Mahomes was being trashed over the whole situation, SoT actually backed off in a follow-up statement.

“It’s time to talk…again.

Yesterday, we released an “apology” that was anything but authentic. The team at SoT is committed to providing every guest that walks through our doors with the best experience possible, while treating them with respect and humility. Yesterday, we failed to meet those expectations.

Social media can be used in so many different ways, & yesterday our team used it to personally attack and question the character of someone we do not know personally. Out of all the ways this situation could have been handled, we did it the wrong way.

The bar continued, “We want everyone to know that we acknowledge our shortcomings in this situation, and even though we failed to meet our own–and we’re sure many of our follower’s–expectations with our social media presence yesterday, we promise to do better.”

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Jackson Mahomes deleted the social media post where he initially called out the bar for their “awful service”. And it appears as though everyone is trying to move on.

Unfortunately, it might be too late after the whole situation has blown up all over the web.

Patrick and the Chiefs are set to take on the Chargers on Thursday Night Football amid all the nonsense involving his brother.

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