Kenny Mayne Reveals That He Was On ESPN’s “Twitter Watchlist” After Political Posts

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In a recent interview, former ESPN host Kenny Mayne revealed that he was put on a 'Twitter watchlist' by the network due to politically charged tweets

During ESPN’s firesale of the past year, popular host Kenny Mayne announced that he was leaving the network after being asked to take a massive pay cut.

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During an interview with The Ringer, Kenny Mayne opened up about his treatment from ESPN, and how they put him on a special list due to some politically-incentivized Twitter activity.

Specifically, Mayne caught some flak when he made a joke about former president Donald Trump receiving a cleaner health check than he had expected.

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Kenny Mayne would not comply

“I got a Norby ( ESPN studio production EVP Norby Williamson) call on that one,” Mayne said via Bro Bible, while also explaining another instance Williamson got onto him, saying “Why do you have to do the politics?” Mayne responded with, “Because I have four daughters and a wife and I want to look at myself in the mirror.”

Kenny Mayne would also say that he was scared to go “full Jemele Hill” with the political tweets and messages. But it was clear that ESPN was trying to stick with sports content, and they’ve proven that they are not afraid to move away from any member of their team who gets too ‘woke’ or political.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Kenny Mayne.

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