Kwame Brown Calls Out Lil Nas X For Kissing Man During BET Awards

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Former NBA bust Kwame Brown had an issue with seeing Lil Nas X kiss a man on stage during the BET Awards on Monday night

Kwame Brown has been on a tear calling out his haters lately. But now that Scottie Pippen is starting to steal his shtick, Kwame knew he had to do something big.

In his latest rant, Kwame Brown lashed out at the BET for how they handled their awards. He was also not too happy with Lil Nas X using  his performance to make a statement on stage.

“BET, what’s that stand for now? Because I know god**** well y’all ain’t still telling us this lie, this supposed to be Black Entertainment Television,” Brown said. “That’s what BET ain’t, it gotta soul or something? Because I think BET gotta White zaddy now.”

Kwame Brown would go on to explain why he wasn’t about seeing Lil Nas X kiss another man during his performance.

“Lil Nas X, you got to calm this s* down, brother. Nobody gives a f* that you gay, sir,” Brown added. “Well you don’t gotta keep kissing and all this s* on stage, sir. You don’t gotta keep having your clothes halfway off your a and yo body open and being provocative like you are and kissing on the damn devil and all these shoe promotions with blood in it, sir. That is not you just being about you being gay, you being a puppet. And everybody that like you, these kids might find that to be okay to do it because they like yo dumba**!”

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Kwame Brown thinks the LGBTQ+ community gets a pass on their behavior after doing things that wouldn’t be acceptable by straight people.

Lil Nas X received some flak for his performance, but was praised by most of the audience, who seemed to feel that his actions on stage were courageous.

Needless to say, Kwame brown is enjoying the headlines. And he’s not going anywhere.

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