Kyrie Irving Posts Confusing Message Amid All The Noise

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Everyone is confused at what is going on in Kyrie Irving's head after he sent out a cryptic message on Instagram on Wednesday morning

Whether Kyrie Irving will admit it or not, he LOVES being the talk of the NBA.

And after refusing the Covid vaccine, Irving is once again getting his wish.

Despite the drama, Kevin Durant remains optimistic that Kyrie Irving will be a part of the team this season. But he also admitted that he could be being ‘naive’.

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On Thursday, Kyrie Irving took to Twitter to send a cryptic and confusing message.

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If Kyrie Irving remains unvaccinated he won’t be playing in any home games, and will not be able to practice with the Nets at their facility this season.

With this being the case, Irving could very well be traded or remain at home if he continues to stand by his anti-vaxx beliefs.

I’m not even going to try to get into what Irving meant by his latest comment on social media. He has made it clear that he’ll be a distraction no matter where he is, and this is just the latest blip in what’s bound to be another long, headline-filled season.

If I had to guess, I’d say Kyrie Irving will end up caving and get the vaccine. There’s just too much money involved for him to walk away.

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