LeBron James Calls Out Kyle Rittenhouse For Fake Crying On The Stand

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LeBron James took to social media to call out Kyle Rittenhouse for fake crying on the stand when recalling the night in question during his murder trial

LeBron James isn’t buying Kyle Rittenhouse’s shtick.

This week, Rittenhouse – the 18-year-old being charge with murder from the Kenosha riots of last year – took the stand. When going into detail about the events leading up to pulling the trigger on his assault rifle, Rittenhouse lost control.

After getting hysterical, the judge called a break so Kyle Rittenhouse could gather himself.

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It’s safe to say that LeBron James wasn’t buying that Kyle Rittenhouse was legitimately crying during his testimony.

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Kyle Rittenhouse would hold his composure for the rest of his time on the stand. And the controversial trial will continue to draw eyes from all over the country.

By sharing his criticism of Rittenhouse, LeBron is once again offering his haters a reason to bash him. But at this point, he doesn’t really seem bothered by that.

Throughout his career, LeBron James has spoken out against police brutality and unjust killings across the country, and it’s no surprise he isn’t afraid to weigh in on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

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