LeBron, Kyle Kuzma Reportedly Don’t Get Along Very Well

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The Los Angeles Lakers were trying to repeat after a successful run in the NBA Bubble. Following an injury to Anthony Davis, the Lakers were left exposed, as they didn’t really have any weapons on their team outside of LeBron. Kyle Kuzma was supposed to be the guy, as the Lakers hoped he would turn into the player for their very own Big 3. Hasn’t exactly worked out that way. Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd was discussing the Lakers’ chances of landing Damian Lillard and let the cat out of the bag, LeBron and Kyle Kuzma are not really all that chummy.

Cowherd explained:

“The Lakers think they have a shot at him [Lillard],” the analyst explained on The Colin Cowherd Podcast. “That’s sort of Los Angeles delusion. The Los Angeles Lakers have players, KCP is a solid player, hot and cold, not what Portland wants. Kyle Kuzma- LeBron doesn’t get along with him. They’d love to move him, he’s kind of expensive. It’s not the kind of contract you can’t move, but it’s not necessarily team-friendly considering he disappears in big spots for the Lakers.”

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Cowherd described Dennis Schroder as a player who, “doesn’t get along with a lot of people.”

“Dennis Schroder is a guy the Lakers will probably re-sign him, but he’s a difficult, difficult player, I’m told,” Cowherd continued. “Doesn’t get along with a lot of people, can be very difficult to coach, and Frank Vogel’s finding that out.”

It’s pretty obvious Kuzma and Schroder are guys that just don’t seem to mesh with LeBron.

While LeBron has a few more decent years left, you need to surround him with complimentary players.

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