Le’Veon Bell Explains His Reaction to Antonio Brown’s Mid-Game Fireworks

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Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown took to social media to share their excitement with being reunited together for the first time since the Steeler days

The Buccaneers had a pretty drama filled Sunday.

There was a lot going on as they went down early to the hapless Jets, not to mention they lost Antonio Brown right in the middle of the game when he made a spectacle out of himself. The Bucs even came back in dramatic fashion.

Following the crazy game, players were reacting to the drama that Antonio Brown brought with his midgame tirade.

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Le’Veon Bell, who is a former teammate of Brown, reacted to Brown’s dramatic departure.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“I found out when we got into the locker room after the game, I instantly sent him a text real quick, he texted me back,” he said. “He’s still one of my closest friends. You won’t hear me talking bad about AB at all. Things happen, but he’s one of my closest friends that I’ve been around, close teammates. Overall good person. Obviously some bad decision-making sometimes, but he’s human, he’s not perfect, and we’ll continue to move on without him and keep moving forward.”

Bell was excited to sign with the Bucs in the middle of the season in part because of Brown. Now they’re no longer teammates.

“It’s tough. When I came over here I was happy to be reunited with him. Unfortunately it was only two games. But I wish the best for him outside of football or whatever’s next for him. He’s still one of my closest friends,” Bell said.

At one point Bell and Brown looked like Hall of Famers on the Steelers. Had they stayed put who knows what kind of greatness we would have witnessed.

Brown and Bell were finally reunited and it all went to crap.

AB needs mental health help immediately. No one in their right mind would walk like that.

Tough for his friends to witness.

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