Lil Nas X is Most Popular Artist for Young Baseball Fans

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Here’s a real curveball. Apparently baseball fans love them some Lil Nas X. Lil Nas X is the most popular music artist among baseball fans ages 18-29, according to data obtained by Insider from consumer insight service Helixa. Of course this was measured before his most recent controversy, his Nike Satan shoes.

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Via Insider:

Since the data was collected, the Hip-Hop artist became a controversy over a shoe endorsement that featured Satanic themes.

Helixa is an audience intelligence platform that gathers information through public social data rather than surveys or polls. The service features cutting-edge artificial intelligence engines to format that data as official insights.

The data focused on one age group that makes up the vast majority of MLB’s target audience: males age 18-29.

That demographic showed a higher affinity for Hip-Hop than any other musical genre among all 3o MLB fan bases, with 71.3% claiming it to be their favorite genre. Subsequently, Lil Nas X was unanimously the most favored artist among all 30 fan bases by reach, meaning the data also included favorability among fans outside the target demographic, with 35.88%.

Lil Nas X and baseball just feel like an odd pairing.

Now if they could just get these young fans to watch the games. . .

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