Logan Paul Expected Floyd Mayweather To Pay Him to ‘Throw the Fight’

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Logan Paul Throw the fight

With so much corruption in the sport of boxing, you really never know when someone is going to throw a fight. Logan Paul accepted an offer to step into the ring with Floyd Mayweather, but it doesn’t seem he expected to do much fighting.

In fact, Logan Paul said he expected to be offered money to throw the fight.

“I was waiting for the guy in the black suit to approach me and be like ‘Yo, we’ll pay you $50 million dollars to throw this fight. We can’t afford Floyd losing’ … but it never happened,” Logan said:

“I don’t even care about the money. I just wanna beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Some think Floyd may throw the fight.

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Logan and Floyd will step into the ring this weekend. Floyd remains undefeated, but this will be an exhibition match with no winners or losers.

Floyd spoke about his opponent in his usual disrespectful way.

“He’s banking on his height and race, so we’ll see. I’m in good shape. I’m training a little bit, here and there. The fight is here now and I can’t wait. I don’t really know Logan Paul. I’m fighting a Youtuber who thinks he’s a fighter. I’ve already made €30 million.”

“My youngest daughter, she does YouTube, so she knows Logan Paul!” Floyd said of Logan.

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I’m pretty sure if Logan or Mayweather had enough money thrown at them, there’s no doubt they’d both take a dive.

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