Meg Thee Stallion Has Awkward Run In On F1 Race Track Prior To Start Of The U.S. Grand Prix

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Some stars should stick to the red carpet and stay off the track.

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Rapper Meg Thee Stallion had an interesting interaction with former driver and now broadcaster / interviewer for Sky Sports, Martin Brundle, down on the F1 track prior to the start of the race Sunday afternoon in Texas.

As the teams prepared their cars on the grid for the race, famous stars and athletes are allowed to parade down the track to their seats. Some stars like Ben Stiller, are well aware of the cameras and possible questions, but others clearly had no idea that someone would even come near them on the track.

Brundle, as he does every race, was down on the track with his mic hoping to get some thoughts from famous stars down on the track. He went up to Meg Thee Stallion hoping she might give him a quick rap about the upcoming race, unfortunately her body guard and entourage seemed more than annoyed at the request.

The interaction was all caught on live TV for the world to see.

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Not only did she have a massive man at the front pushing Brundle back, but a rough looking blonde haired man had a few choice words for him as Meg Thee Stallion’s entourage walked off.

There’s clearly nothing more frustrating that doing your job and then being told off by random strangers who think they’re higher or more important than you.

In other news, Meg Thee Stallion had quite the outfit to wear on the track today.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen took home the victory today while Lewis Hamilton finished 2nd and Sergio Perez rounded out the podium.

Verstappen currently leads the Drivers Cup with 287.5 points, while his Red Bull team currently sits in 2nd place in the Constructors Cup, 23 points behind Mercedes.

The F1 circuit continues on November 7th with the Mexican GP in Mexico City, Mexico.

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