Mel Kiper Jr. Has An Extremely Bizarre Way Of Eating Pizza

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ESPN’s NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. is gearing up for his big day tomorrow, when he’ll finally see all the work he’s done with rating prospects and making mock drafts come together. While everyone wants to know what Mel Kiper is thinking about who their team is drafting, something else about Kiper happened to catch my eye.

He has an extremely psychopathic way of eating pizza.

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Mel Kiper Jr. revealed earlier in the month that he takes the cheese off his pizza, and replaces it with mashed potatoes.

“So mashed potatoes and pizza without cheese is what I do,” he told Pablo Torre on ESPN Daily . “I think I’m healthy because I’m not eating the cheese, right? I don’t eat the cheese, I just leave a little on there for the flavor. The cheese does give you the flavor, I do leave a little bit on … it’s mostly just the sauce and the dough, and then I put the mashed potatoes on it, and that’s what I do.”

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He wan’t kidding. Kiper would go on to back up the pizza tactic on social media.

I think we all knew Mel Kiper Jr. was a little weird, but this is next level stuff. You gotta hand it to the guy, though. He knows his NFL Draft prospects.

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