Michael Antwan Bennett’s Baby Mama Reveals Abusive Texts, Emails

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Former NFL player Antwon Bennett is in the news for all the wrong reasons. In case you missed it, we posted earlier today about former NFL player Michael Antwan Bennett, and his former girlfriend/baby mama. She took to Instagram to show off bruises that he allegedly gave her.

Sideaction’s Latest:

Now she’s revealing much more about her ex, including alleged texts he’s sent her.   She’s claiming his CTE is to blame, and even tagged the NFL in a letter style post.

“Dear @nfl, I don’t think you told everyone the full truth about CTE. So let me take over for you…

Oh and btw they do NOT test for behavioral issues in the concussion settlement. They are hiding this side. Bc they don’t want the world to know that they are taking the largest, strongest, fastest, most athletic and physically fit men IN THE WORLD and turning them into actual psychopaths that do this to their loved ones.

Meet Kaia’s dad, Michael Antwon Bennett. 11 yr NFL vet.

At age 33 he was diagnosed with moderate traumatic brain injury, dementia, encephalopathy amongst other mental illnesses/neurocognitive disorders.

He is 42 now, and it now presents as schizoaffective disorder with delusions of morbid jealousy and persecutory paranoia. There is no more Michael left.

The only way I can describe what I experienced watching CTE kill the man I love is, it was literally like a demon possession. He eyes would gloss over and just look empty. Looking back at pics now I can see it so clear. And I never got to say goodbye. One day he was just gone. The man that used to love me, now won’t stop torturing me and all I ever did was love him. I have become his possession in every single way. And I’m not the one to be abused or in a situation like this. I don’t even know how it happened but I’ve been trying to get out for years and we haven’t even been together since Kaia was 9months old, but he won’t ever let me go.

CTE has turned him into a clinical psychopath, or antisocial personality disorder. These delusions all center around me. No one else sees them. It’s like my own private hell that no matter what I do I can’t escape. And in his mind they are very real. And they’ve changed. They keep multiplying and getting scarier.

He wasn’t ever abusive to me before. Not even verbally. He never hit me or hurt me over anything real. And that is why this is so terrifying. I don’t even know how to stay safe from this. And it’s changed, it keeps getting worse. I’m strong af, but I can’t fight this, he’s taken everything. Including my voice.

That is just the beginning of this story. There’s so much more…..

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#nfl #cte #domesticviolenceawareness”

See more below:

Very sad his baby mama has to on Instagram to get attention for his erratic behavior.

CTE can be a real nightmare for former players and their families.

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