Michael Jordan Reportedly Designed His New Golf Course to Give Him Advantage When Playing for Money Against Pros

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Former NBA superstar Michael Jordan may be one of the most competitive people on the planet. Perhaps even the most competitive person in the world. Jordan also likes to gamble, which means when he’s playing for money, you’re going to see his bad side. It’s well known that MJ loves to play some golf, but what he really loves is playing golf for money. That’s exactly why he reportedly designed his golf course so he can have an edge.

Jordan’s new golf course The Grove XXIII is tough on the pros. Pros have to choose between short drives or risk being in the rough on every hole.

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Rickie Fowler said it’s one of the toughest courses he’s played. Fowler spoke during a Golf.com podcast about why pros call the course “Slaughterhouse XXIII” and why MJ has such an advantage.

“The shorter you hit it, the wider it is,” Fowler told Golf.com. “He can basically hit driver on all the par 4, par 5s. And if I want to hit driver, I have to kind of put it into a bit of a tighter spot. I can obviously play back if I want, but that becomes a little bit of a disadvantage, especially if it’s a hole where he’s getting a stroke on.”

“The tees and pins are done every day, so the golf course can play as long as you want, but they set the back tees at roughly 7,000 or 7,100 yards, and MJ just plays the back tees.”

Fowler even said he has to give Jordan 10 shots just to play from the same spot.

“If I’m giving him a shot, I can’t then play from the same spot he is when he’s laying zero,” Fowler said. “I’m not sure the last time it broke 70, but he can shoot anywhere from 71 to 74.

“If he’s shooting 77 and he’s got a double in there, I got to shoot 65 to get to 18!”

I wouldn’t expect anything less from the GOAT.

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