Mike Tyson Claims He Died While Tripping On Toad Venom

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Mike Tyson apparently has more than one life.

The former heavyweight champ reveals that he once died while getting high on toad venom.

Tyson met with the New York Post at a psychedelics conference in Miami. The boxer said his first trip with venom from the Sonoran Desert Toad, or Bufo alvarius, was about four years ago.

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Tyson said he had gained over 100 pounds and was depressed. Tyson told The Post that he’s experimented with toad venom 53 times.

“In my trips, I’ve seen that death is beautiful,” the legendary boxer said. “Life and death both have to be beautiful, but death has a bad rep. The toad has taught me that I’m not going to be here forever. There’s an expiration date.”

He said that he originally got into smoking toad venom four years ago after doing it as a dare.

“I was doing heavy drugs like cocaine, so why not?” Tyson said, noting that at the time he was 100 pounds overweight and was heavily involved with drugs. “It’s another dimension,” he said of the experience. “Before I did the toad, I was a wreck. The toughest opponent I ever faced was myself. I had low self-esteem. People with big egos often have low self-esteem. We use our ego to subsidize that. The toad strips the ego.”

Mike Tyson says the venom made him a better businessman.

“It has made me more creative and helps me focus,” he added. “I’m more present as a businessman and entrepreneur.”

Hopefully no one takes advice from Iron Mike.  At least on Toad venom.

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