Video: Minor League Baseball Player Shares His Story After Being Attacked By A Bear

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A St. Louis Cardinals minor league pitcher, Dalton Roach, shared his terrifying story of being bit by a bear during a recent hunting trip

Dalton Roach, a minor league baseball player in the Cardinals organization, has had an eventful offseason to say the lease.

Roach was on a hunting trip in Wisconsin when he had a nightmare scenario. While looking for deer, the pitcher encountered a bear.

Not only that, but as the bear was attempting to climb up a tree, it caught Dalton Roach with a bite near his rear end.

“Literally, as my phone slid into my jacket pocket, whoosh, he climbs up, and he’s right up behind me,” Roach said.

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Dalton Roach was asked by WISN in Wisconsin about what was going through his head during the extremely terrifying scenario.

“At that point, first reaction was, ‘OK, let’s just stay calm,’” Roach explained, via WISN. “And then once he put his paw on my hip, then you become a little uneasy. As his paw was coming off, his neck must have been reaching out, because that’s when my camo started to tighten up on my back there and (I) could actually feel him start biting on me. I can’t say it hurt a ton. Just for the fact I think everything was just going so fast.”

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Luckily for everyone involved, Dalton Roach is OK. And he’ll likely be hunting some more again over the Winter.

In fact, Roach declared that the rabies shot he was forced to take in the aftermath was worse than the actual bite.

Dalton Roach was 7-10 with a 5.65 ERA in 2021.

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