MLB Fans Are Shook After Hearing Notoriously Awful Umpire Angel Hernandez Has Been Assigned To Work NLDS

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MLB fans everywhere were up-in-arms after it was announced that especially-awful umpire Angel Hernandez would be on the crew for the NLDS

It’s Angel Hernandez time.

The MLB made a ridiculous decision for playoff baseball this year. On Tuesday afternoon, fans were collectively shaking their heads in disproval when it was announced that notoriously brutal umpire Angel Hernandez was being assigned to work the NLDS.

Fans immediately began trolling the MLB and Angel Hernandez, preparing for the the worst when he’s on the field in the coming days.

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Angel Hernandez had a previous lawsuit against the MLB dismissed, where he accused the league of discriminating against him when it comes to big assignment because of his Cuban descent.

“The court concludes that no reasonable juror could find that MLB’s stated explanation is a pretext for discriminatory motive,” U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken wrote in granting MLB’s motion for a summary judgment.

“MLB has established beyond genuine dispute seniority and FEF ratings were considered as two of many factors in umpire promotions and were not decisive on their own,” Oetken wrote. “In multiple seasons, Torre rejected white crew chief candidates who had more seniority than the white umpires he promoted.”

“Hernandez’s handful of cherry-picked examples does not reliably establish any systematic effort on MLB’s part to artificially deflate Hernandez’s evaluations, much less an effort to do so in order to cover up discrimination,” the judge added. “The evidence shows beyond genuine dispute that an umpire’s leadership and situation management carried the day in MLB’s promotion decisions.”

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Angel Hernandez now has his wish – he’s been granted the opportunity to cal some big games. Even if it’s the last possible things fans for either team involved wanted to see.

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