MMA Fighter Bites Roommate’s Testicles During Heated Argument

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Nashville has all the hot bites.

MMA fighters can be absolutely ruthless in the Octagon, but in the cage there are rules. Outside there are apparently no rules. An MMA Fighter is in some trouble following a a lease agreement dispute earlier this month, which unfortunately ended with a man having his scrotum bitten into. Now the MMA fighter who took the bite is behind bars.

According to the man who got his balls bit, the MMA fighter went for the nuts during their argument.

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Via Scoop Nashville:

“29-year-old MMA fighter Donovan Salvato spent 12 hours in the Metro Nashville Jail this week on a domestic violence hold after he bit his roommate’s testicles during an argument. Police documented a 2.5-inch laceration of the victim’s scrotum, multiple bruises, and swelling to his head. Salvato is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

He stated the defendant struck him several times in the face and torso with a closed fist. Mr. Sosa stated he was also bit in the testicles by the defendant. When police arrived on the scene, the defendant had already left. I was able to contact the defendant over the phone. He stated a physical altercation took place with Mr. Sosa. He claimed strikes may have happened, but only because of the grappling and injuries might have resulted from hitting different items in the house.”

This is something you just don’t hear about all that often.

Not sure how you let someone take a bite. We can only assume they were doing some wrestling when the chomp happened.

This world is NUTS.

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