Muggsy Bogues Addresses Rumor that Michael Jordan Ruined His Career with a Disrespectful Insult Against Little People

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Former NBA player Muggsy Bogues was a fan favorite. He was the smallest player in the league, but the man played with a huge heart. Muggsy was listed at 5’3, so the very fact he played in the NBA is absolutely incredible. Apparently Muggsy had a bit of a run in with Michael Jordan. As the rumor goes, MJ called him a ‘Midget’

Watch below:

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That little interaction turned into a rumor that MJ ruined his career by insulting him about his height.

Kind of ridiculous.

Bogues talked about that on the 3 League OGs podcast:

“That supposedly had an effect on the rest of my career? That’s one of the craziest, asinine stories that you can hear,” Bogues said on his 3 League OGs podcast. “Think about all the stuff that I’ve been hearing all my life. And here it is, I’m what, 10 years in my career already? And somebody says something, and it’s going to affect my career? That don’t make no sense.”

He continued: “What really happened was that my knee; they looked at some of my numbers after the series, and I started having surgery on my knee, and I had to stop playing. And when I missed a year, and then I came back, my numbers had went down. I guess they felt my role had changed. I started coming off the bench for certain teams. … So, they try to combine them and make it seem like, well, that had some effect on my career.”

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Mugsy also starred in Space Jam with MJ, so there’s no doubt MJ had major respect for the little man.

The trash talk was all in good fun, no one took the on court digs personally back then.

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