NFL Network Reporter Jane Slater Got Dragged for Posting About an Unpaid Internship

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The internet can be a really, really, negative space. You can do something with no ill will, no harm intended, and the next thing you know, bam, everyone wants to call you out. This happened to NFL Network reporter Jane Slater, who posted about an opportunity for an unpaid internship. Following her doing so, she received plenty of angry mentions. People were genuinely upset she had the audacity to post about an unpaid internship.

Check out her post below:

Sideaction’s Latest:

Some reactions to her post below:

She even got called out for having rich grandparents:

She then defended her extremely comfortable upbringing:

Twitter clearly allows people to get everything off their chest.

Just imagine what these haters would do if they didn’t have a platform to bitch.

Check out more of the very well off Jane Slater below:

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