NFL Practice Squad Players Salaries Revealed

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Aaron Rodgers' latest comments about the Green Bay packers has fans everywhere convinced that he's not going anywhere for next season

If you’re not on the active NFL roster that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make bank. Some players can stay on an NFL practice squad all season long, and for their hard work and patience, they do get paid a decent amount, relatively speaking. Players with two or fewer accrued NFL seasons can earn at least $9,200 per week, which can possibly total $165,600 for an entire 18 weeks spent on the practice squad.

Not too shabby.

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The NFL has increased the size of practice squads to a maximum of 16 players ahead of last season, possibly due to the ongoing pandemic.

“If a practice squad player is promoted to the active roster, he earns the prorated minimum salary for a player with his years of experience. So a rookie called up to the active roster ahead of a game would see his pay increased from $9,200 to over $36,000. A player with seven-plus years of experience would earn over $59K.

A practice squad player actually being signed to an active roster comes with a guarantee of three game checks.”

So it’s not all bad if you’re not on the active roster.

You just have to wait for your time, and we know NFL injuries are going to happen.

Especially now with an extra game, the practice squad becomes even more of a factor. As long as you’re getting paid to play football, you’re one of lucky ones.

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