Hot Mic Seemingly Catches NFL Refs Making Up Penalty They Were Calling On The Fly

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An NFL ref was caught on a hot mic during the season opener seemingly making up a call on taunting, which was a point of emphasis in the offseason

The NFL is back!

Which means the refs show is in full affect on Thursday Night Football between the Buccaneers and Cowboys.

During the first half of the game, the refs were congregating to discuss a couple of penalties called against Dallas and Tampa. The only problem was that one of the officials forgot to turn his mic off when going over to chat.

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A hot mic heard the beginning of the conversation where the ref told his colleague,“let’s just say…” before cutting his mic when realizing he made a mistake.

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The ref turned out to be calling a taunting penalty on a Buccaneers offensive lineman.

Prior to the season, the NFL added harsher rules against players who are said to be taunting their opponents during the games. This was rather unpopular, and appears to be another reason why fans will rightfully complain that there are too many flags in today’s NFL.

What do you think, was the ref almost caught making stuff up during Thursday Night Football?

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