Odell Beckham Posting Cryptic Messages After Not Playing In Week 1

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OBJ's dad, Odell Beckham Sr, shares his excitement with his son's release after he posted a video of all the times Baker Mayfield missed OBJ

It looks like Cleveland Browns Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham will miss his second straight game of 2021 on Sunday as he continues to recover from the injury that cost him the final nine games of 2020. Beckham has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Texans, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said today.

Prior to the news he’ll be sitting out another game, Beckham took to IG to post some pretty cryptic messages.

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Odell also posted a video with a Drake song in the background.

Via NY Post:

“He filmed a specific portion of the song, in which Drake raps about secrecy.

“I wish everyone could tell me exactly what they need from me / The first second they speak to me / I’m not with all the secrecy / Secretly beefin’ me behind closed doors But playin’ it peacefully for the streets to see My n—a, have some decency.””

It already feels like Odell is having issues with the Browns. It might be time to change scenery.

The Browns have already proven they can win without him.

Same old OBJ.

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