O.J. Simpson Reacts To Floyd Mayweather – Logan Paul Fight Going The Distance

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If you paid money to watch the fight you are probably a little sour tonight. The Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight went the distance which means there was no winner since it was an exhibition fight. Fans and athletes around the world shared their two cents and even O.J. Simpson provided a breakdown of what he saw.

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Sports fans were a little disappointed to see that Floyd didn’t get the knockout.

The stats actually seemed to favor Logan Paul since he threw more punches, but if you watched the fight you know that he was just swinging for the fences and at times looked like a chicken with his head cut off as he kept trying to use his body weight to push Floyd in to a corner and lean on him.

One person who was actually entertained was former NFL running back O.J. Simpson. He called it “Strangely Entertaining” and also had a pretty decent breakdown of the fight.

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The under card did have some interesting fights which also included Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson being knocked down by Brian Maxwell.

What does this mean for Mayweather? Honestly, not much, aside from the fact that he gets another massive pay day. People will now be able to argue that Mayweather got “beat”, but that won’t hold much water. Sure we may see Mayweather in another exhibition fight down the road, maybe even with Logan’s brother Jake. But the key takeaway is that people are still willing to pay to see him fight.

On the other hand, it seems like Logan Paul impressed at least a couple people tonight. His ability to make money in a dying sport and combo it with a punchable face makes him a dream target for any high profile name. What is still working in his corner is that people are coming from everywhere to fight him because he has a following and can generate a massive pay-day, and he is the one that is able to pick when and where they fight.

While many fans hate seeing the Paul brothers troll around the ring, fans of sport continue to pay to watch as the money rolls in on a sport that was quickly dying out.

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