Patrick Mahomes Has A Telling Quote When Speaking On The Chiefs’ Recent Struggles

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A Dolphins writer went viral after he made an open plea with commissioner Roger Goodell to ban Jackson Mahomes from all NFL games in the futur

Patrick Mahomes faces more adversity right now than he has ever had in the NFL, and he knows it.

On Sunday, the Chiefs were absolutely boat raced by Derrick Henry and the Titans. But that isn’t the worst of their issues: right now, Mahomes just doesn’t look quite right and the defense is incapable of getting off the field.

With the loss on Sunday, Patrick Mahomes already ties the most regular season losses he’s ever had (4), and we’re just seven weeks into the season.

When speaking about he current state of the team, Mahomes admitted that this is something him and the organization are not used to lately.

“It’s been kind of rainbows and flowers and awesome for these last few years,” he said, “but whenever you want to build something substantial and you want to build something great, you’re going to go through parts like this. It’s going to take us getting better every single day.”

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Fans were quick to put some blame on Patrick Mahomes after his telling quote.

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I think the panic around Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs is a little overblown, but they’re going to have to figure it out, and fast.

The defense is a leaky unit, and Mahomes hasn’t been there to bail them out as of late. But with that being said, the guy’s resume in his first few seasons speaks for itself. And it would be asinine to assume that he has all of the sudden been figured out around the league.

Patrick Mahomes will bounce back from this. But if the Chiefs don’t improve around him, they could be in jeopardy of missing out on the playoffs for the first time in a while.

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