Pete Carroll (Sort Of) Indicates That He Has Buried The Hatchet With Russell Wilson

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Russell Wilson made it clear this offseason that he wasn’t too happy with how he was being treated by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks brass. He thinks he’s done enough to warrant the superstar treatment, and be given some say on roster decisions, and how the team is ran.

Things got so bad over the offseason, that Russ’ agent gave Seattle four teams that he’d accept a trade to. Earlier today, Seahawks GM John Schneider said that he never considered trading Russell Wilson, despite the talk.

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Now, Pete Carroll is speaking on how he’s handled the whole Russell Wilson situation.

“There was some stuff that was said that had to be dealt with, and it has been,” Carroll said to ESPN. “So Russ is in a great place right now, and he’s been in a great place throughout the offseason. We have communicated throughout all of the things just like I always have.”

Pete Carroll Would go on to say that he often asks for opinion from Russ and other players on the team, while indicating that he would like for the noise to remain in-house.

“I had made a clear statement to Russ: let’s just shut down and be quiet on this stuff,” Carroll said when asked about speculation over Wilson’s future gaining steam once his Rodgers gave Schefter the list of acceptable trade destinations. “We don’t need to say anything, we know the truth of what’s going on. When that came out, that kind of got over the top in that it opened up some other conversations that didn’t need to happen. That was an example of why we’re quiet and why we don’t say anything. It was so meaningless because it had nothing to with what was going on. It gave another little byte in there that people could talk about and I wish we would have avoided that is what I’m saying.”

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I don’t know, maybe I’m reaching here, but it kind of sounds like Pete Carroll didn’t actually answer to any of the things that Russell Wilson was upset about. In fact, he sounds like he could be making it worse.

To act like the biggest problem this offseason was the media firestorm (and not the actual complaints by Russell Wilson) is just Carroll hoping that this issue goes away. He doesn’t sound like a guy committed to keeping Russell Wilson happy, getting him a better offensive line, listening to his preferences in the offense…none of that.

Pete Carroll sounds like a coach who’s too stubborn to recognize that the best player in Seahawks history might have legitimate concerns about how you’re running the team.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we haven’t heard the last from the Russell Wilson drama.

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