Bucks President Peter Feigin Amazed With Massive Crowds Outside Stadium During NBA Finals

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Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin is currently hoping that his team can close out the Suns in Game 6 at home.

And outside the Fiserv Forum, a party of its own has been taking place all postseason long. The “Deer District” has asserted themselves outside the stadium, with over 30,000 cheering fans outside the arena during each game throughout Milwaukee’s run in the postseason.

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Peter Feigin admitted that he never expected the crowd to be so large.

“I’d like to lie to you and say, you know, ‘Hey, the master plan is working,’ but I think this is really beyond expectations,'” Feigin told Insider on Thursday, ahead of a potential championship-clinching Game 6 for the Bucks.

Prior to Game 6, the “Deer District” was in full force.

During Game 5, the fan base sent more than 35,000 fans outside the stadium for the massive win.

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For Game 6, Peter Feigin admitted that the team made room for the biggest expected crowd yet.

“Insane numbers,” Feigin said when asked what the expected number would be on Tuesday. The president would also have a hard time when thinking about an equivalent experience in professional sports.

“I’ve been trying to kind of just casually look throughout different pro sports and events and kind of what’s happened over periods of time. I think in Toronto, like, a city of nine or 10 million people, you’ve had ‘Jurassic Park,’ which has done maybe 10, maybe 20,000 people, which is fantastic and everything,” Feigin said. “But if you think on a kind of a scale of a state like Wisconsin and a city like Milwaukee, kind of entertaining upwards of 50,000 people for playoff games, NBA Finals games, it’s kind of incredible.”

Deer District is taking over the NBA Playoffs. And it’s bound to go absolutely insane if Milwaukee is able to take home the championship on Tuesday night.

“I think it’s become like a really safe, cool, great place to hang out and kind of be part of the community and celebrate together,” Feigin said. “It’s transformational for the city in such a big way.”

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