Peyton Manning Throws Shade At Patriots Spygate Scandal During MNF Broadcast

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During his alternate broadcast of Monday Night Football, Peyton Manning didn't miss an opportunity to throw some shade at the Patriots spygate scandal

The alternate Monday Night Football broadcast with Eli and Peyton Manning has been a hit so far, with many wisecracks and sound bites surfacing from they first run last week.

And tonight, the Manning brothers were trending early after talking about the Patriots’ spygate scandal from back in the day.

When talking about how the Packers were taking their advice of establishing the run early, Peyton Manning made a joke that they must’ve been bugging their conversation. Y,know, like the Patriots used to do.

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Peyton Manning is obviously still salty about getting beaten all those times by Tom Brady while the Patriots ran a notoriously shady operation.

During his career, Manning was 6-11 against Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots with the playoffs included.

He remains close friends with Tom Brady despite the clear animosity towards the whole cheating thing.

Peyton Manning is already killing it during his second act as a broadcaster.

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