Rachel Uchitel Details Alleged Affair, Phone Calls With Elin Nordegren

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Tiger Woods Rachel Uchitel

The second part of HBO’s Tiger Woods documentary aired last night, and the focus of the episode was on Tiger’s infidelity. The golf legend’s former mistress, Rachel Uchitel, spilled all the beans, including how she met Tiger while working at a New York City nightclub, plus much more. Apparently she spoke with Tiger’s ex Elin a few times.

Via US Weekly:

On how they met:

“One night I was working at the club and I saw Tiger sipping his drink, talking to nobody,” she recalled. “As I went to leave, he took my phone number and the car probably hadn’t even gotten to the light at the corner, he started texting me. He said something like, ‘When can I see you again?’ It was intimidating, this was Tiger Woods. I knew he was married, I knew he had responsibilities. He said, ‘I want you to fly to Orlando and I’ll come see you there.’”

“I regret that he was married, and I regret the mistakes that I made, but people came at me like they wanted to blame me for the fact that a married man cheated on his wife,” Uchitel said in the doc. “It was like I was the only one that was responsible for Tiger’s action. My name was getting dragged through the mud.”

They later met up in Orlando, Florida.

“That was the first night I had sex with him and I remember thinking with him, ‘How am I ever gonna be with a mere mortal ever again?'” Uchitel recalled. “So many people put him on a pedestal, and here he was in my bed. He was my Tiger.”

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Uchitel also revealed that she and Woods spoke about his marriage.

“He said, ‘[Elin] doesn’t ask questions like you, she’s not like you,’” she claimed. “It occurred to me he wanted to have someone to check in with. I asked him a million questions and he wanted to give every single detail he hadn’t been able to say in years or ever.”

Uchitel also shared the story of the time she spoke to Elin:

“We had an extensive, 30-minute conversation, Elin and I, convincing her that I was not having a sexual relationship with Tiger,” Uchitel claimed. “We talked about how I knew Tiger, how I knew his friends, how and why I was in Australia. The story came out and nobody looked at it. Between the stupid story and phone call with Elin, I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, we’re gonna fly right over this.’”

The night Elin confronted Tiger about the affairs, she called Uchitel’s phone:

“I answered saying something like, ‘Hey babe, I thought you went to sleep,’” she claimed. “And instead of Tiger’s voice, it was Elin and she said, ‘I knew it was you.'”

That was pretty much the end of Tiger’s relationship with Uchitel. Tiger headed straight to sex rehab. What a crazy double life Tiger was living. What a legend.

Check out more of his former mistress below:

We’ll just have to keep watching to see what details are revealed about Tiger Woods next.

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