Rachel Uchitel Was ‘Uncomfortable’ Being Asked about Tiger Woods Affair During ‘Rough’ Wendy Williams Interview

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Rachel Uchitel was hoping Wendy Williams would throw her some softball questions during a recent interview. Uchitel appeared on The Wendy Williams Show back in March, and was told she was going to be asked only a few questions about the recent Tiger documentary.

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However, much of the interview was about Tiger.

‘So yeah, that was a little bit of a rough interview,’ Uchitel said during an appearance on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef. ‘Her staff was really nice about asking me to be on and said that she was going to be nice and had said all nice things to me.’

Not sure what Uchitel expects people want to talk about with her.

‘I honestly think that when she got on the show, she didn’t really know how to interview me quite frankly, and I think she was confused about how to interview me. Because I felt like that first five minutes or so was very, almost like she felt pressured into asking me these questions that she thought she needed to ask,’ she said.

‘Her staff ended up calling me after the fact and said, “We’re so sorry, because we didn’t know she was gonna continue on that level of questioning.” And that’s actually not even why they booked me,’ she said.

She’s only known for having an affair with Tiger. If not for that, no one would ever want to interview her.

Check out more of Tiger’s old fling below:

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