Raiders Being Linked to Former Jon Gruden Assistant Sean McVay

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Many fans were pointing out a Sean McVay and Jon Gruden handshake moment during a chippy practice between the Raiders and Rams

Now that Jon Gruden is out in Las Vegas, why not try to replace him with the next closest thing?

Rumors of the Raiders having an interest in McVay have started to circulate. The rumor began from reporter Ed Graney. Graney is the lead columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, so not from some intern looking to stir things up.

Graney did not have a source,  rather a wishlist for the Raiders  to fill Gruden’s big shoes.

“Think about it. The Rams next have a draft pick in like 2054, so why not have Davis really act the part of his gambling father and ship a bunch of high selections to Los Angeles and lure McVay to Las Vegas? Boy Wonder does buffets,” Graney wrote.

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If the Raiders traded for McVay, which is highly unlikely, it would definitely be a big pull.

But let’s be honest, a wish list is fun to think about but often never comes true.

McVay is certainly qualified:

His 50-25 record is pretty impressive.

Keep dreaming Raiders Nation.

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