Ray Allen’s Surprising Choice For Greatest Shooter Ever Revealed

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Ray Allen is one of the best shooters in the history of the game.

It was only a few weeks ago his three point record was overtaken by Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Steph Curry.

Makes you wonder who Ray thinks is the best three point shooter of all time.

Ray humbly declined to name himself.

“I wouldn’t put myself in the conversation,” Allen told NBA.com in a wide-ranging interview.

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And guess who he did pick, hint, it’s not Steph.

“The greatest I’ve ever seen, someone who was amazing, was Dell Curry because of the way he shot so efficiently without moving with the ball. It was like he could throw the ball up there,” said Allen.

Dell Curry wasn’t the sole sharpshooter to earn Allen’s praise:

“Reggie (Miller) was the greatest all-around shooter, being able to carry his team. He was an assassin. When you break it down, him being able to get to the free-throw line, great coming off screens, he wasn’t a pick-and-roll player but a guy you had to know where he was every moment of the game,” Allen told NBA.com “Guarding him was hell for me.”

Hard for anyone to say Dell Curry is better than steph.

Dell Curry might have had the quickest release of all time, but cmon man.

Reggie is definitely worthy of the honor but no one can touch Steph.


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