All Of The Nomar Garciaparra Fans Came To His Defense On Derek Jeter’s Hall Of Fame Induction Day

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On Derek Jeter's Hall of Fame induction day, many Red Sox fans were quick to make various arguments on why Nomar Garciaparra was just as good of a player

It was Derek Jeter’s long awaited Hall of Fame induction ceremony today in Cooperstown. So naturally, Red Sox fans were loud about why he was an overrated player. Mainly, the Boston fans were pointing out reasons why they think Nomar Garciaparra is just as good (if not better) than the long time Yankees captain.

Red Sox fans were using Nomar’s stats during his prime along with other anecdotes to make their argument on why he’s just as deserving of a day in Cooperstown as Derek Jeter.

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Despite the Res Sox fans’ pleas about Nomar Garciaparra, I highly doubt that any of them actually believe that he had more of a decorated career than Derek Jeter.

Sure, you can probably compare the two players’ primes based on stats, but it would be laughable not to take into account the years Jeter was still dominating baseball while Nomar was battling an array of injuries.

Nonetheless, it’s always fun to see Yankees and Red Sox fans debate on social media. And if that means an argument about Nomar Garciaparra vs. Derek Jeter has to ensue, then so be it.

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